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JFrog Xray
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Description: This API fetches the details of groups.

You can use the API without any filter query parameter to return the list of the first 20 groups. You can add the query parameter, startIndex=x&count=y, to fetch y number of groups from the xth number of group. For example, startIndex=1&count=25 fetches the first 25 groups and startIndex=20&count=5 gets the five groups from the first 25 groups.

If you wish to get the details of all groups, you can do it through two API calls. The response for the first API call with the parameter, startIndex=1&count=0, provides totalResults with the total number of groups. You can send a second API call with the parameter, startIndex=1&count="value of totalResults" to get the details of all groups in the system.

Usage: GET/api/v1/scim/v2/Groups?startIndex=x&count=y

Produces: application/scim+json; charset=UTF-8

Header parameter:Authorization: Bearer

Sample response:

To Fetch Details of all Groups

The first API call to get the total number of groups in the system.

GET /api/v1/scim/v2/Groups?startIndex=1&count=0

Sample response

200 - OK

   "totalResults": 23,
   "itemsPerPage": 0,
   "startIndex": 1,
   "Resources": [],
   "schemas": [

The second API call to get all the groups in the system.

GET /api/v1/scim/v2/Users?startIndex=1&count=23