Delete Builds



Description: Removes builds stored in Artifactory. Useful for cleaning up old build info data.

If the artifacts parameter is evaluated as 1 (0/false by default), build artifacts are also removed provided they have the corresponding and build.number properties attached to them.

If the deleteAll parameter is evaluated as 1 (0/false by default), the whole build is removed.

Notes: Requires Artifactory Pro

Security: Requires a privileged user. From version 6.6, requires delete permission for the Build.

Produces: application/text

Usage 1 (since 6.13, Consumes: ): to delete multiple build numbers of a certain build. This includes build numbers containing special characters.

Consumes: application/json

POST /api/build/delete

POST /api/build/delete -H "Content-type: application/json"
    "buildName": "test",
    "buildNumbers": ["build1", "build2"],
    "deleteArtifacts": <true | false>,  // default false
    "deleteAll": <true | false>,  // default false

Usage 2 (since 2.3.0; artifact removal since 2.3.3;):

DELETE /api/build/{buildName}[?buildNumbers=n1[,n2]][&artifacts=0/1][&deleteAll=0/1]

DELETE /api/build/my-build?buildNumbers=51,52,55&artifacts=1
The following builds has been deleted successfully: 'my-build#51', 'my-build#52', 'my-build#55'.
DELETE /api/build/my-build?deleteAll=1
All 'my-build' builds have been deleted successfully.