Retrieve Folder or Repository Archive



Description: Returns an archive file (supports zip/tar/tar.gz/tgz) containing all the artifacts that reside under the specified path (folder or repository root). Requires Enable Folder Download to be set. See Configuring Artifactory. From version 5.10, If any artifact in the folder is blocked for download by Xray, the whole folder download is blocked and this call will return an HTTP Forbidden (403) error.Configuring Artifactory

Notes: Requires Artifactory Pro (Multiple downloads could be slow and CPU Intensive).

Downloading a folder or a repository's root is only supported for local (or cache) repositories.

Since: 4.1.0

Security: Requires a privileged user with read permissions on the path.

Usage: GET /api/archive/download/{repoKey}/{path}?archiveType={archiveType}[&includeChecksumFiles=true]

Produces: */*

Sample Usage:

GET /api/archive/download/my-local-repo/path/to/folder?archiveType=zip
{Stream containing contents of path my-local-repo/path/to/folder}

GET /api/archive/download/my-local-repo?archiveType=zip
{Stream containing contents of repo my-local-repo}