Update Permission Target



Description: Creates a new permission target in Artifactory or replaces an existing permission target

Since: 6.6.0

Notes: Requires Artifactory Pro

Missing permission target values will be set to the default values as defined by the consumed type.

The values defined in the request payload will replace what currently exists in the permission target entity. In case the request is missing one of the permission target entities (repo/build), the entity will be deleted. This means that if an update request is sent to an entity that contains both repo and builds, with only repo, the build values will be removed from the entity.

Security: Requires an admin user or a user with Manage permission on permission target.

User with Manage permission can only edit the actions.

Usage: PUT /api/v2/security/permissions/{permissionTargetName}

Consumes: application/vnd.org.jfrog.artifactory.security.PermissionTargetV2+json

Produces: 200 OK in case of success, with an empty response.

Sample Usage:

PUT /api/v2/security/permissions/populateCaches

200 OK