Get Bucket Status



Description: Get the report for a specified bucket.

Since: 4.0

Notes: Requires Artifactory Enterprise

Security: Requires an admin user

Usage: GET /api/v1/buckets/{identifier}/report

Produces: application/json

Response format:

  "identifier": "<bucket ID>",
  "name": "<bucket name>",
  "size": "<total number of licenses in bucket>",
  "valid_through": "<valid through date>",
  "issued": "<issue date>",
  "type": "<license type>",
  "licenses": {
    "used": "<Number of licenses that are in use>",
    "available": "<Number of licenses that are in available>",
    "max_used": "<The maximum number of licenses ever used concurrently>"
  "jpds": [
      "name": "<JPD name>",
      "license_count": "<Number of licenses used by this JPD>"
  "split_buckets": [
      "name": "<Split bucket name>",
      "identifier": "<Split bucket identifier>",
      "issued": "<Issue date>",
      "license_count": "<Number of licenses>"
  "unknown_uses": [
      "name": "<Free label of an unknown usage>",
      "license_count": "<Number of licenses used>"
  "pipelines": {
    "execution_nodes": "<Number of execution nodes for pipelines>"

Return codes:

200 - Success

Sample usage:

example output

GET /api/v1/buckets/415921223/report
    "identifier": "266200796",
    "name": "edge-bucket",
    "size": 10,
    "valid_through": "2020-02-14T00:00:00.000Z",
    "issued": "2019-02-14T14:27:29.584Z",
    "type": "EDGE_TRIAL",
    "licenses": {
        "used": 0,
        "available": 10,
        "max_used": 0