Retrieve Build Artifacts Archive


JFrog Xray
Content Type

Description: Returns an archive file (supports zip/tar/tar.gz/tgz) containing all the artifacts related to a specific build, you can optionally provide mappings to filter the results; the mappings support regexp capturing groups which enables you to dynamically construct the target path inside the result archive file.

Notes: Requires Artifactory Pro

Since: 2.6.5

Security: Requires a privileged user (can be anonymous)

Usage: POST /api/archive/buildArtifacts -H "Content-Type: application/json"

Consumes: application/json (application/

Produces: application/zip (for zip archive type), application/x-tar (for tar archive type), application/x-gzip (for tar.gz/tgz archive type)

Sample Usage:

POST /api/archive/buildArtifacts -H "Content-Type: application/json"
 +"buildName": "build-name" // The build name for search by
 +"buildNumber": "15" // The build number to search by, can be LATEST to search for the latest build number
 -"buildStatus": "Released" // Optionally search by latest build status (e.g: "Released") 
 -"repos": ["libs-release-local,ext-release-local"] // Optionally refine search for specific repos, omit to search within all repositories
 +"archiveType": "tar/zip/tar.gz/tgz" // The archive file type to return
 -"mappings": [ // Optionally refine the search by providing a list of regexp patterns to search by
                "input": "(.+)/(.+)-sources.jar",
                "output": "$1/sources/$2.jar" // Optionally provide different path of the found artifacts inside the result archive, supports regexp groups tokens
                "input": "(.+)"