Calculate Debian Repository Metadata


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Description: Calculates/recalculates the Packages and Release metadata for this repository, based on the Debian packages in it.

Calculation can be synchronous (the default) or asynchronous. Refer to Debian Repositories for more details. Supported by local repositories only.Debian Repositories

From version 4.4, by default, the recalculation process also writes several entries from the Debian package's metadata as properties on all of the artifacts (based on the control file's content).

This operation may not always be required (for example, if the Debian files are intact and were not modified, only the index needs to be recalculated. The operation is resource intensive and can be disabled by passing the ?writeProps=0 query param.

From version 5.7, the target repository can be a virtual repository.

Notes: Requires Artifactory Pro.

Security: Up to version 4.8 , requires a valid admin user. From version 4.8 only requires the set of permissions assumed by Manage (Manage + Delete/Overwrite + Deploy/Cache + Annotate + Read).

Usage: POST /artifactory/api/deb/reindex/{repoKey} [?async=0/1][?writeProps=0/1]

Headers (Optionally): -H X-GPG-PASSPHRASE:passphrase

Produces: application/text

Since: 3.3

Sample Output:

POST /artifactory/api/deb/reindex/debian-local

Recalculating index for Debian repository debian-local scheduled to run.