Pull/Push Replication (Deprecated)


JFrog Xray
Content Type

Description: Schedules immediate content replication between two Artifactory instances. Replication can include properties and can optionally delete local items if they do not exist in the source repository.

This API completes the existing cron-based replication exposed via the Artifactory UI and allows for on-demand execution.

Pull Replication - pulls content from a remote Artifactory repository to a local cache of the remote repository.

Push Replication - pushes content from a local repository into a remote Artifactory local repository.

Supported by local, local-cached, and remote repositories.

Notes: Requires Artifactory Pro

Security: Requires a privileged user (can be anonymous) For non-admin users will replicate at max the number of files as defined by the artifactory.search.userQueryLimit system property.

Usage: POST /api/replication/{srcRepoKey}/{srcPath}

Consumes: application/json (application/vnd.org.jfrog.artifactory.replication.ReplicationRequest+json)

Since: 2.4.0

Sample Usage:

POST /api/replication/libs-release-local/com/acme
  //The following is only applicable for push replication
  + "url" : "https://repo.nmiy.org/repo-key", // The remote repository URL
  + "username": "replicator", //The name of a user with deploy permissions on the remote repository
  + "password": "***", //The remote repository password
  - "properties": true, //Sync item properties (true by default)
  - "delete": true, //Sync deletions (false by default)
  - "proxy": "org-prox", //A name of an Artifactory-configured proxy to use for remote requests

+=mandatory; -=optional