Execute Plugin Code



Description: Executes a named execution closure found in the executions section of a User Plugins.User Plugins

Execution can take parameters and be synchronous (the default) or asynchronous.

When parameters can have multiple values, you can separate the items in one of the following ways:

  • Use a semicolon - ; (recommended)

  • Use the encoding for the pipe ("|") character - %7C

    Alternatively, you may configure your NGINX to encode URLs so that if an unencoded pipe is used in the URL, NGINX will encode it to %7C. We recommend that you verify that this configuration does not break any other systems served by NGINX

Since: 2.3.1

Notes: Requires Artifactory Pro

Security: Requires an authenticated user (the plugin can control which users/groups are allowed to trigger it)

Usage: POST /api/plugins/execute/{executionName}?[params=p1=v1[,v2][|p2=v3][&async=1]]

Produces: text/plain

Sample Output:

POST /api/plugins/execute/cleanup?params=suffix=SNAPSHOT;types=jar,war,zip&async=1