Calculate YUM Repository Metadata


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Description: For Local repositories: calculates/recalculates the YUM metadata for this repository, based on the RPM package currently hosted in the repository. Supported by local, virtual, and Federated repositories.

Calculation can be synchronous (the default) or asynchronous.

For Virtual repositories, calculates the merged metadata from all aggregated repositories on the specified path. The path parameter must be passed for virtual calculation.

See the YUM integration documentation for more details.RPM Repositories

Notes: Requires Artifactory Pro. Immediate calculation requests cannot be called on repositories with automatic asynchronous calculations enabled (applies to local repositories only). The path parameter applies to virtual repositories only.

Security: Up to version 4.8 , requires a valid admin user. From version 4.8 only requires the set of permissions assumed by Manage (Manage + Delete/Overwrite + Deploy/Cache + Annotate + Read).

Usage: POST /api/yum/{repoKey}[?path={path to repodata dir][&async=0/1]

Headers (Optional): X-GPG-PASSPHRASE: passphrase

Produces: application/text

Since: 2.3.5

Sample Output:

POST /api/yum/yum-local?async=1
POST /api/yum/yum-virtual?path=7/os/x86_64&async=1

YUM metadata calculation for repository 'yum-local' accepted.