License Search



Description: Search for artifacts that were already tagged with license information and their respective licenses.

To search by specific license values use Property Search with the 'artifactory.licenses' property.

When the autofind parameter is specified Artifactory will try to automatically find new license information and return it as part of the result in the found field.

Please note that this can affect the speed of the search quite dramatically, and will still search only on already-tagged artifacts.

Default parameter values when unspecified: unapproved=1, unknown=1, notfound=0, neutral=0, approved=0, autofind=0.

Can limit search to specific repositories (local, remote-cache or virtual).

Since: 2.3.0

Notes: Requires Artifactory Pro

Security: Requires an admin user

Usage: GET /api/search/license[?unapproved=1][&unknown=1][&notfound=0][&neutral=0][&approved=0][&autofind=0][&repos=x[,y]]

Produces: application/json (application/

Sample Output:

GET /api/search/license?approved=1&unknown=1&autofind=1&repos=libs-release-local,staging
"results" : [
        "uri": "http://localhost:8081/artifactory/api/storage/libs-release-local/org/acme/lib/ver/lib-ver.jar",
        "license": "lgplv2",
        "found": "lgplv2",
        "status": "approved"
        "uri": "http://localhost:8081/artifactory/api/storage/libs-release-local/org/acme/lib/ver/lib-ver.jar",
        "license": "cddlv1",
        "found": "gplv3",
        "status": "neutral"
        "uri": "http://localhost:8081/artifactory/api/storage/staging/org/acme/lib/ver2/lib-ver2.jar",
        "license": "gplv3",
        "found": "gplv3",
        "status": "unapproved"