Apply Artifactory YAML Configuration Changes



Description: Configure an existing Artifactory instance using a simple YAML configuration file. Make single or multiple configuration changes as needed, to create, update, and delete any elements in Artifactory. For more information, see Artifactory YAML ConfigurationArtifactory YAML Configuration

Take care when modifying Artifactory configurations

Modifying the Artifactory configurations is an advanced feature, and if done incorrectly may render Artifactory in an undefined and unusable state. Since it is easy to overwrite configurations, such as a repository's package type, we strongly recommend backing up the configuration before making any direct changes, and taking great care when doing so.

Since: 5.8.0

Security:Requires an admin user

Usage: PATCH /api/system/configuration -H "Content-Type: application/yaml" -T configuration.yml

Consumes: application/json

Produces: text/plain