Retrieve Build Staging Strategy



Description: Returns a build staging strategy defined by a User Plugins.User Plugins

When passing in parameters that may take multiple values, you can separate the items in one of the following ways:

  • Use a semicolon - ; (recommended)

  • Use the encoding for the pipe ("|") character - %7C

    Alternatively, you may configure your NGINX to encode URLs so that if an unencoded pipe is used in the URL, NGINX will encode it to %7C. We recommend that you verify that this configuration does not break any other systems served by NGINX

Since: 2.5.2

Notes: Requires Artifactory Pro

Security: Requires an authenticated user.

Usage: GET /api/plugins/build/staging/{strategyName}?buildName={buildName}&[params=p1=v1[,v2][|p2=v3]]

Produces: application/json (application/

Sample Output:

GET /api/plugins/build/staging/strategy1?buildName=build1&params=types=jar,war,zip
        "moduleId": "moduleId",
        "nextRelease": "nextRelease",
        "nextDevelopment": "nextDevelopment"
        "useReleaseBranch": true,
        "releaseBranchName": "branchName",
        "createTag": true,
        "tagUrlOrName": "tagUrl",
        "tagComment": "comment",
        "nextDevelopmentVersionComment": "comment"        
        "targetRepository": "repoKey",
        "comment": "comment",
        "status": "statusName"