Create or Replace Permission Target



Description: Creates a new permission target in the JFrog Unified Platform or replaces an existing permission target.


  • Requires Artifactory Pro

  • Missing values will be set to the default values as defined by the consumed type

  • Please note when adding Release Bundles permission targets

  • Requires an Edge/Enterprise+ license:

    • On Edge nodes, the repositories section in the request body can be left empty or contain the ‘release-bundles’ default repository. No other repositories are allowed. An Enterprise+ license allows you to add any repository

    • The default repository in the repository section is “release-bundles” for both Edge/EntPlus licenses. (if user create permission target with empty repositories section the repository that we put is “release bundles”)

  • To support spaces in the User or Group or Permission names, a Plus symbol ('+') is automatically placed when there is a space. This is set by default as the artifactory. property is set to true. If you want to use the + (plus) symbol, set the artifactory. to false.

Security: Requires an admin user

Usage: PUT /api/v2/security/permissions/populateCaches{ permission-target.json }


Sample Usage:

PUT /api/v2/security/permissions/populateCaches