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Use this source type to create a Release Bundle v2 version by collecting source artifacts from one or multiple builds (also known as build-info).

By default, only build artifacts are included without dependencies. Dependencies located in local or Federated repositories can be included by adding the relevant property in the request body.

If the list of builds contains aggregated builds (containing one or more nested builds), these builds are resolved and included recursively.

A build may optionally contain a Release Bundle manifest, which defines which build contents are included in the Release Bundle. A manifest may be linked to a build during its creation using the property buildInfo.env.RBV2_MANIFEST. The manifest may be stored in any local or Federated repository and may be given an arbitrary file name. For more information, see Release Bundle Manifest for Builds.


To exclude selected artifacts in the build from the Release Bundle, see Exclude Artifacts from a Release Bundle (v2).Exclude Artifacts from a Release Bundle (v2)

Security: Requires Read permissions to build-info path, source artifact repository paths, and (optionally) the build manifest repository path; requires Read and Create permissions to the Release Bundle version path.

Usage restrictions: See here for details.

Sample Request:

    "release_bundle_name": "Commons-Bundle",
    "release_bundle_version": "2.0.0",
    "skip_docker_manifest_resolution": false,
    "source_type": "builds",
    "source": {
        "builds": [
                "build_repository": "artifactory-build-info",
                "build_name": "Commons-Build",
                "build_number": "1.0.1",
                "build_started": "2023-04-05T07:00:00.000+0200",
                "include_dependencies": false

The request includes the following information:




Name of the build.


Number (run) of the build.


(Optional) Timestamp when the build was created. If omitted, the system uses the latest build run, as identified by the build_name and build_number combination.

The timestamp is provided according to the ISO 8601 standard.


(Optional) The repository key of the build. If omitted, the system uses the default built-in repository, artifactory-build-info.


Determines whether to include build dependencies in the Release Bundle. The default value is false.


Dependencies must be located in local or Federated repositories to be included in the Release Bundle. Dependencies located in remote repositories are not supported.


Determines whether to skip the resolution of the Docker manifest, which adds the image layers to the Release Bundle.

The default value is false (the manifest is resolved and image layers are included).

Sample Response: See here for an example.