Create Debian Snapshot



Description: Creates Debian Snapshots in the Debian repository in Artifactory.

Since: 7.41.x

Notes: The following process takes place when running this command:

  • The root of the newly created snapshotsub-repository is /artifactory/api/deb/$repoKey/snapshots/$tag.

  • All the metadata files of the $srcRepo/dists/$distribution, including the release and packages file, will be copied to the snapshot folder.

  • In the folder, a property called deb.snapshot.source is created pointing to the source repository.

Security: Requires an authenticated user.

Usage: POST /artifactory/api/deb/$repoKey/snapshot(?async=1)

Consumes: application/json

  “tag” : string,
   “targetRepo” : string,
   “distribution” :string

Sample Usage:

The following input will create a Debian snapshot named 202203141800 saved under deb-snapshot local repository, containing focal distribution metadata.

POST /artifactory/api/deb/$repoKey/snapshot(?async=1)

    "targetRepo": "deb-snapshots",
    "distribution": "focal",
    "tag": "202203141800"

Sample Output:

POST /artifactory/api/deb/$repoKey/snapshot
200 OK
Successfully saved snapshot to ${targetRepo}/snapshots/${tag}

The following response is returned when saving snapshots as async.

POST /artifactory/api/deb/$repoKey/snapshot?async=1
200 OK
Snapshot save queued for ${targetRepo}/snapshots/${tag}