Deploy Artifacts from Archive



Description: Deploys an archive containing multiple artifacts and extracts it at the specified destination maintaining the archive's file structure.

Deployment is performed in a single HTTP request and only the extracted content is deployed, not the archive file itself.

Supported archive types are: zip; tar; tar.gz; and tgz. If the archive is omitted from the call, a response of "100 - Continue" is returned. NOTE! that deployment of compressed archives (unlike tar) may incur considerable CPU overhead.

Notes: Requires Artifactory Pro

Security: Requires a user with 'deploy' permissions (can be anonymous)

Usage: PUT path1/to/repo-key/ /path2/to/

Headers: X-Explode-Archive: true - archive will be exploded upon deployment, X-Explode-Archive-Atomic: true - archive will be exploded in an atomic operation upon deployment

Produces: text/plain

Since: 2.6.3

Sample Usage:

PUT /libs-release-local/ /Users/user/Desktop/