Set Repository Replication Configuration



Description: Add or replace replication configuration for given repository key. Supported by local and remote repositories. Accepts the JSON payload returned from Get Repository Replication Configurationfor a single and an array of configurations. If the payload is an array of replication configurations, then values for cronExp and enableEventReplication in the first element in the array will determine the corresponding values when setting the repository replication configuration.

Notes: Requires Artifactory Pro

Security: Requires an admin user

Usage: PUT /api/replications/{repoKey}

Consumes: application/json (application/

Since: 3.1.1 (update to include/exclude pattern on replication added in Artifactory 7.24.4)

Note: Enabling the checkBinaryExistenceInFilestore flag requires an Enterprise+ license. For more information, see Repository Replication. This flag will work for multi-push replication as well.Repository Replication

Sample Usage:

PUT /api/replications/libs-release-local
  "url" : "http://localhost:8081/artifactory/remote-repo",
  "socketTimeoutMillis" : 15000,
  "username" : "admin",
  "password" : "password",
  "enableEventReplication" : false,
  "enabled" : true,
  "cronExp" : "0 0 12 * * ?",
  "syncDeletes" : true,
  "syncProperties" : true,
  "syncStatistics" : false,
  "repoKey" : "libs-release-local",
  "includePathPrefixPattern" : "/path/to/repo",
  "excludePathPrefixPattern" : "/path/to/repo", 
  "checkBinaryExistenceInFilestore" : "<true | false>" // When true, enables distributed checksum storage. For more inforomation, see Optimizing Repository Replication with Checksum-Based Storage