Calculate Maven Index



Description: Calculates/caches a Maven index for the specified repositories.

For a virtual repository specify all underlying repositories that you want the aggregated index to include.

Calculation can be forced, which for remote repositories will cause downloading of a remote index even if a locally cached index has not yet expired; and index recalculation based on the cache on any failure to download the remote index, including communication errors (the default behavior is to only use the cache when a remote index cannot be found and returns a 404). Forcing has no effect on local repositories index calculation.

See the Maven Indexer documentation for more details.Maven Indexer

Notes: Requires Artifactory Pro.

Security: Requires a valid admin user.

Usage: POST /api/maven[?repos=x[,y]][&force=0/1]

Produces: application/text

Since: 2.5.0

Sample Output:

POST /api/maven?repos=libs-release-local,ext-release-local&force=1

Maven index refresh for repositories '[libs-release-local, ext-release-local]' has been accepted.