Promote Docker Image



Description: Promotes a Docker image from one repository to another. Supported by local repositories only.

Since: 3.7

Notes: Requires JFrog Container Registry or Artifactory Pro

Security: Requires a privileged user

Usage: POST api/docker/<repoKey>/v2/promote

Consumes: application/json

    "targetRepo" : "<targetRepo>",                        // The target repository for the move or copy 
    "dockerRepository" : "<dockerRepository>",            // The image name to promote
    "targetDockerRepository" : "<targetDockerRepository>" // An optional docker repository name, if null, will use the same name as 'dockerRepository'
    "tag" : "<tag>",                                      // An optional tag name to promote, if null - the entire docker repository will be promoted. Available from v4.10. 
    "targetTag" : "<tag>",                                // An optional target tag to assign the image after promotion, if null - will use the same tag
    "copy": false                                         // An optional value to set whether to copy instead of move. Default: false

Produces: application/text

Sample Usage:

POST api/docker/docker-local/v2/promote
  "targetRepo": "docker-prod",
  "dockerRepository": "jfrog/ubuntu"