Push a Set of Artifacts to Bintray



Deprecation Notice

This endpoint is deprecated and is replaced with Distribute Artifact.

Description: Push a set of artifacts to Bintray as a version.

Uses a descriptor file (that must have bintray-info in it's filename and a .json extension) that was deployed to Artifactory, the call accepts the full path to the descriptor as a parameter.

Signing a version is controlled by the gpgSign parameter in the descriptor file, and the gpgSign parameter passed to this command. The value passed to this command always takes precedence over the value in the descriptor file.

If you also want a passphrase to be applied to your signature, specify gpgPassphrase=<passphrase>.

Security: Requires a valid user with deploy permissions and Bintray credentials defined (for more details, please refer to Introduction to the User Profile.Introduction to the User Profile

Usage: POST /api/bintray/push?descriptor=pathToDescriptorFile[&gpgPassphrase=passphrase][&gpgSign=true\false]

Since: 3.5.0

Produces: application/json (application/vnd.org.jfrog.artifactory.bintray.BintrayPushResponse+json)

Sample Output:

{"Message": "Pushing build to Bintray finished successfully."}