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Description: Change the status of a build, optionally moving or copying the build's artifacts and its dependencies to a target repository and setting properties on promoted artifacts.

All artifacts from all scopes are included by default while dependencies are not. Scopes are additive (or). From version 5.7, the target repository can be a virtual repository.

Since: 2.3.3


  • Requires Artifactory Pro

  • Projects are supported from Artifactory 7.17.4.

    To promote builds within Projects, add the ?project='projectKeyparameter.

    Note that the project parameter is optional and if it is not provided, use the default build-info repo.


Security: Requires a privileged user. From version 6.6, requires Deploy permission for the build.

Usage: POST /api/build/promote/{buildName}/{buildNumber}

Consumes: application/json (application/

POST /api/build/promote/my-build/51
 "status": "staged",                            // new build status (any string)
 "comment" : "Tested on all target platforms.", // An optional comment describing the reason for promotion. Default: ""
 "ciUser": "builder",                           // The user that invoked promotion from the CI server
 "timestamp" : ISO8601,                         // the time the promotion command was received by Artifactory (It needs to be unique), 
                                                // the format is: 'yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ'. Example: '2016-02-11T18:30:24.825+0200'.
 "dryRun" : false,                              // run without executing any operation in Artifactory, but get the results to check if the operation can succeed. Default: false
 "sourceRepo" : "libs-snapshot-local",          // optional repository from which the build's artifacts will be copied/moved 
 "targetRepo" : "libs-release-local",           // optional repository to move or copy the build's artifacts and/or dependencies
 "copy": false,                                 // whether to copy instead of move, when a target repository is specified. Default: false
 "artifacts" : true,                            // whether to move/copy the build's artifacts. Default: true
 "dependencies" : false,                        // whether to move/copy the build's dependencies. Default: false.
 "scopes" : [ "compile", "runtime" ],           // an array of dependency scopes to include when "dependencies" is true
 "properties": {                                // a list of properties to attach to the build's artifacts (regardless if "targetRepo" is used).
     "components": ["c1","c3","c14"],
     "release-name": ["fb3-ga"]
 "failFast": true                               // fail and abort the operation upon receiving an error. Default: true

Produces: application/json (application/

Sample Output:

  "messages" : [
      "level": "error",
      "message": "The repository has denied...."