Create Bootstrap Bundle (Deprecated)



Description: This rest is relevant for High Availability setup. It will create a bootstrap bundle on the primary node of an Artifactory HA installation that will include all the relevant keys so a new node can access the database and fetch all the relevant configuration files. The same bundle must be installed on all nodes during an installation of new nodes or if upgrading from a version older than 5.0.

Note: Deprecated from version 5.7

Since: 5.0.0

Until: 5.6.x

Security: Requires an admin user

Usage: POST /api/system/bootstrap_bundle

Produces: application/json

  "file" : "<Location on primary node where bootstrap bundle was created>"

Sample usage:

POST /api/system/bootstrap_bundle
  "file" : "/opt/jfrog/artifactory/etc/bootstrap.bundle.tar.gz"