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Pipelines provides a set of standard integrations that help link your resources and worfklows to specific external services such as GitHub, Slack, or Artifactory or JFrog Platform Access Token Integration . A Pipelines admin enters the access secrets for these services (such as tokens or login credentials) when configuring these integrations. These secrets are stored in the secure vault.

In general, you are not likely to need direct access to these integration's secrets. When you define a resource, you will specify the integration in the integrations block and your steps will connect to the service through the resource. Or your steps will access the service through the integration directly, rather than through a resource. In this way, secrets are securely maintained independently of the pipeline script.

However, if you need to directly access a secret from the integration, you may do so through the environment variable for that integration.

For example, if you have an AWS Keys Integration called myAWSKeys, you can reference the Access Key property through an environment variable:

  - name: myPipeline
      - name: spoil_secret
        type: Bash
            - name: myAWSKeys
            - printenv int_myAWSKeys_accessKeyId