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To view the list of pipeline sources already added to Pipelines, go to Administration | Pipelines | Pipeline Sources or Application | Pipelines | Pipeline Sources.

The page displays the list of pipelines sources that are available to you according to the permission targets defined in the JFrog Platform. Your user account must be granted sufficient permissions for a pipeline source for it to be shown.Permissions

Each row of the pipeline sources list includes the following:




  • For new pipeline sources: This is the name you provided while creating the pipeline source

  • For existing pipeline sources: This defaults to repositoryName/branch for single branch and repositoryName for multi-branch

Git Repository

The source repository path of the pipeline source


The Project that the pipeline source belongs to

Latest Status

The success/failure status of the last sync

Config File Filter

The filter string for the pipeline config files

Last Sync

The time and date of the last sync

Changed By

Name of the user who made the last update to the pipeline source


The commit SHA that triggered the last sync


Click the Logs link to view the log from the last sync. Use this to diagnose a failure to sync a pipeline source.

If the pipeline source is a multi branch source, the row presents aggregate information for all branches, and can be expanded/collapsed to show the sync status of each branch.