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The Insights show the metrics for the failed, error and skipped test suites. You can analyze test trends and remediate failed tests. To access test insights, click Tests tab.

Set From and To Dates

You can set the calendar by clicking the calendar drop-down icon to set From and To dates to display the metrics as per your desired period. The default period is set to 1 day.


Most Commonly Failing Test Suites

Indicates common test failures to focus on improvements.


Failure/Skipped Test Suites

You can view the Failed or the Skipped number of tests by deselecting the checkbox in line with them.

Click the Pipeline you want to view the metrics.


Test Trends

Indicates testing trends over time.


View Specific Test Trends - Errors / Skipped / Failures / Passed

To view specific Test Trends, follow these steps:

  1. Click the parameter in line with the Test Trends to deselect them and view only the specific status. By default, it displays all statuses.

  2. For example, to view only Passed Tests, click all statuses to deselect them other than Passed.


Slow Tests

Indicates Average Time and 95th percentile time of the slow tests.

  • Average Time

    Assess test efficiency with the average duration of slow tests.

  • 95% Time

    Identify the 95th percentile duration of slow tests to optimize the slower 5%.