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The performance of Pipelines can be monitored using New Relic Application Performance Monitoring (APM). When this feature is enabled, Pipelines transmits metrics to the New Relic dashboard.

Key matrices that can be monitored are:

  • App transaction

  • App's DB usage (throughput, slow query)

  • App JVM or Go monitoring - memory, thread utilization

  • App Errors

Configure New Relic Monitoring

To configure New Relic monitoring for Pipelines:

  1. Open the Pipelines System YAML.Pipelines System YAML

  2. In the Share Configurations section, configure the following mandatory parameters:

    • enabled: Set as true to enable the New Relic agent.

    • appName: Enter the App Name that will be displayed in the New Relic dashboard.

    • licenseKey: Enter the New Relic license key.

  3. If required, configure the following optional parameters:

    • logging.debug: Enable/disable New Relic Agent debug messages.

    • distributedTracer.enabled: Enable/disable the New Relic distributed tracer feature.


## NewRelic APM configuration
  enabled: true
  license: "customer_name"
  appName: "new-relic-license-key"
    debug: false
    enabled: true

For more information, see Pipelines System YAML.Pipelines System YAML