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Allows you to add environment variables that will be available in the following steps of the run and in future runs. These variables may be overridden by another variable with the same key added to the current run.

If the following variables are set, they will be used:

  • JFROG_CLI_BUILD_NAME: If set, the pipeline uses this value instead of the default pipeline name for the build info collected.

  • JFROG_CLI_BUILD_NUMBER: If set, the pipeline uses this value instead of the default run number for the build info collected.

  • USE_LOCAL_JFROG_CLI: If set as true, the local JFrog CLI on the host or in the image (depending on runtime configuration) is used instead of the version packaged with JFrog Pipelines. This is not recommended and native steps may not be able to run with the local JFrog CLI version.


add_pipeline_variables <key value pair>...

  • key value pair is a single string with a key and a value, separated by an “=”. Multiple of these strings can be supplied as input. Each value will be exported as an environment variable at the time this command is used and automatically in any steps that start after this run is complete.