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Pipelines templates enable users to define templates for pipeline definitions and use these templates for creating pipelines.

Pipelines supports the following types of templates:

  • Global Templates: A global template is a pre-defined pipeline template that can be used as a starting point for creating pipelines. It contains a set of predefined steps and configurations that can be customized and reused across multiple pipeline sources. For more information, see Global Templates.

  • System Templates: A system template is added and maintained by Pipelines administrators. It is defined in a specific namespace and version, and contains the necessary configurations for the pipeline source. For more information, see System Templates.

  • Local Templates: A local template is a copy of a system template or a fully customized template for a pipeline that is saved in your pipeline source repository, disconnected from the centrally available template, and will not be updated if the central template is updated. For more information, see Local Templates.

On-prem customers

Pipelines installation servers must be able to communicate with https://releases.jfrog.io (whitelist the URL). Pipelines API service fetches the JFrog managed template details via REST API.

Managing Pipelines Templates

For information about managing templates, see the following: