Approve/Reject Steps

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After a step moves to Pending Approval state, the approvers can approve or reject the step using the user interface.

To approve or reject a step:

  1. Go to Applications | My Pipelines and run the relevant pipeline.

    This displays Pipeline Run page.

  2. Click the Approval step (called approvalGatesStep in the example yaml above). This step will be in Pending status.

  3. Click the Approve/Reject button to reveal the following options:

    • Approve/Reject button: Click to approve or reject the step.

    • Comments field: This optional field enables you to add a meaningful comment for approving or rejecting the step. This has a 100 characters limit.

    • Approvers list: This lists the first letter of Artifactory usernames for users who were listed as approvers in the pipelines yaml. Hovering over a letter shows the full Artifactory username.