Triggering Pipelines and Steps

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To automate your pipelines, you will want to set them up to run whenever some event occurs. Those events might be:

  • A commit to a source code repository

  • A source code repository branch or pull request

  • Some other external event

  • At some regular time interval

Steps automatically execute when they are triggered by some change event in a resource. Your pipeline should be constructed so that when each step makes some change to a resource, that change triggers execution of the next step. In this way, all the steps of your pipeline will execute in sequence.

To trigger a step for execution:

  1. Specify the triggering event(s) in a resource.

  2. Specify that resource as an inputresource of a step.

The specified change in that resource will then automatically trigger the step to run. When that step is the first step in the pipeline, it will initiate the entire run of that pipeline.