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These configuration facilities are available to administrator users from the Administration tab:

  • Managing Pipelines Integrations

    Pipelines Integrations provide the mechanisms that enable an external service to inter-operate with Pipelines, as well as securely store the credentials for access to that service. They are necessary for Pipelines to connect to a pipeline source, and for pipelines to access external services through resources and steps. Integrations must be added and managed by an administrator user.

  • Managing Pipeline Sources

    A Pipeline Source represents a source control repository (such as GitHub or BitBucket) where Pipelines definition files can be found. A pipeline source connects to the repository through an integration. Once a pipeline source is added, Pipelines will automatically load all config files from the repository that matches the specified filename filter.

  • Managing Pipelines Node Pools

    Node Pools provide a convenient way to logically group build nodes in a JFrog Pipelines environment. This enables you to run steps simultaneously on different nodes.