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To send messages to Jira, you must first add a Jira Integration to Pipelines. The Jira integration securely holds your access credentials in Pipelines' encrypted vault, so that this information is not viewable in the text of your Pipelines DSL file.

To add a Jira integration, follow the procedures in Managing Pipelines Integrations.

For example, to add a Jira integration called myJira, you might enter the following:


The User Name and Token fields provide the necessary credentials to authenticate access from Pipelines:

  • User Name: The user account represented by User Name must have permissions to access the Jira project where issues are to be created.

  • Jira Cloud Token: When integrating with Jira Cloud, you must provide the Jira API token for the Jira user account in the Token field.

  • Jira Server Password: When integrating with Jira Server, you must provide the user account password in the Token field (Jira Server does not support API tokens).