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The My Views tab lists all the custom views that you have created for your pipelines. It shows two views by default:

  • Recent Visits: This tracks visits to pipeline dashboards and shows the pipelines associated with the Project that the user is in. By default, the pipeline that the user visited last is displayed on top.

  • Favorites: This shows all the pipelines that the user has marked as favorite.

In addition, users can create up to five custom views per Project. While the List view will show all the pipelines added for the view, the Graph view will show a maximum of 150 pipelines and their connections, and up to5 disconnected graphs.


All default views and custom views are in the context of the selected Project.

To create a custom view:

  1. In the Application tab go to Pipelines | My Pipelines, click My Views and then click Add View.

  2. In the Add View window, provide a name and the pattern for the pipeline and branch. Simple wildcard patterns are supported.

  3. Click Create.

    The view is created based on the provided pattern.