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Pipelines enables creation of user-defined steps to extend the Pipelines DSL.

Steps are discrete units of execution in a pipeline. The Pipelines DSL defines two sets of built-in step type:

  • Generic steps - For general-purpose execution, execute any series of shell commands for the supported runtime. For example: Bash, PowerShell.

  • Native steps - Perform a specific set of actions as an encapsulated unit. For example, DockerPush, HelmDeploy.

Extension steps enable Pipelines users to extend the Pipelines DSL by specifying their own step types that, like native steps, perform an encapsulated action. When loaded into Pipelines, these user-defined steps can be used in any pipeline just like any other step in the Pipelines DSL. In this way, teams and organizations can create and share their own re-usable, custom step types for actions frequently perform in their pipelines.

Extension steps are defined within a namespace, to ensure that all of steps in the set have unique names.

Extension steps are versioned, and can be invoked in pipelines by their semantic version number to help assure compatibility.

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