JFrog Pipelines Documentation



Configures the JFrog CLI (version 1 or 2 specified as jfrogCliVersion in the pipeline configuration) with the provided credentials, handling the different formats for different minor versions. Artifactory integrations listed in the integrations section of the step will be automatically configured, but this may be useful for resources or if the credentials are provided to the step in another way. When using v2, a non-default Xray URL may also be specified using the environment variable JFROG_XRAY_URL.



configure_jfrog_cli --artifactory-url <url> [--xray-url <url> --user USER --apikey <key> --access-token <token> --server-name <name>]


configure_jfrog_cli -artifactory-url <url> [-xray-url <url> -user USER -apikey <key> -access-token <token> -server-name <name>]

  • artifactory-url : Required. The Artifactory URL.

  • xray-url : Optional. The Xray URL. Only used with CLI v2.

  • user: The user. Required when an API key is provided.

  • apikey : An API key. Requires --user and may not be used with --access-token.

  • access-token : An Access token. May not be used with --access-token or --user.

  • server-name : Defaults to default. Can be specified to configure the CLI with that name.