Pipeline Run Logs

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The Pipeline Run Logs view of Pipelines provides the facilities to view the log of execution, test results, and other information for steps in the pipeline.

The logs can be displayed for any step within any recorded or executing run of a pipeline. It will display the details of that step's execution as it was performed in that run of the pipeline.


For detailed information about steps and runs, you can also view the reqsealer-eventMetric.log file: /pipelines/controlplane/logs/reqsealer-eventMetric.log.



View Logs


This section provides information about viewing logs using the new UI. To perform the same steps using the old UI, see the expandable section below.

To view the logs for a run:

  • In the List view, click the relevant run.


  • In the Graph view, click the relevant step and click Logs.


The Logs tab presents the record of what was executed for each portion of the step, and the system response. The log shows the command line directives issued, with their outputs.

Each section in the log represents a section of the step, and you may expand each section to view the command line output that was recorded. In this way, you can see the specific success or error messages that were returned for each issued command.

Use the Timestamp toggle to view or hide timestamps for the logs. Use the Internal Logs toggle to view or hide detailed, Pipelines-generated logs.