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Pipelines Integrations provide the mechanisms that enable an external service to inter-operate with Pipelines, as well as securely store the credentials for access to that service. They are necessary for Pipelines to connect to a pipeline source, and for pipelines to access external services through resources and steps. Integrations must be added and managed by an administrator user.

Two types of integrations can be added:

  • Pipelines: These integrations can only be used in pipeline YAML definitions. These integrations can be created in any Project.Projects

  • Admin: These integrations can be used while creating dynamic node pools, and adding extension and template sources. These integrations cannot be used in pipeline YAML definitions and they can only be created in 'All' Projects.Managing Pipelines TemplatesProjects

    The types of integrations that can be added/managed here are:

    • Dynamic Nodes: For creating dynamic nodes in a dynamic node pool. These are build nodes that are spun up and down on-demand by Pipelines from a ( AWS, Google Cloud, Azure Keys), or Kubernetes service.

    • Source Control: For Pipelines extensions and template source repositories. For example: GitHub, Bitbucket, or others.


Administrator users can add, view and edit integrations. Non-administrator users can only view integrations.

The following actions can be used to manage Pipelines:




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Add an Integration

Add an integration with an external provider, for example GitHub.

Add an Integration


Restrict Integration use

Restrict the ability to use an integration to resources that are in a pipeline project.

Restrict Integration Use


View Integrations

View a list of integrations already added and available.

View Integrations


Modify an Integration

Modify the configuration of an existing integration.

Modify an Integration


Delete an Integration

Delete an existing integration from JFrog.

Delete an Integration


Share Integrations across Multiple Projects

Share integrations to allow members in more than one project to use them.

Share Integrations across Multiple Projects