Add a Static Node

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To add a node to a static node pool:

  1. View the node pool you want to add a node to.

    The View Node Poolpage lists any nodes currently allocated to the pool.

  2. Click Add Node.

    Fields that are not required may be left blank.



    Node Name

    An alphanumeric friendly name for the node.

    IP Address

    The IP address of the node.

    Add Swap Space

    Enable the use of swap space to increase the amount of virtual memory available to the node. Not available to Windows node pools.

    Select Node Initialization Type

    Select either ??? mode for initialization.

    SSH Port

    The SSH port of your build host. This is usually port 22, but is configurable.

    For Auto initialization type only.

    SSH Access Script

    The command to run on your build host that will allow Pipelines to run initialization scripts on the node.

    For Auto initialization type only.

    SSH Access Script Complete

    Check the checkbox to confirm that you have run the SSH Access Script command on your node. (Required)

    For Auto initialization type only.