Share Integrations across Multiple Projects

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Admins can share integrations across multiple projects to allow members in more than one project to use them. A classic use case for sharing an Integration is the need to share a source repository's credentials with multiple projects. An integration can be shared with a single project or across multiple projects. After an integration is shared, it is added to the target projects and displayed on the integrations page.

Shared Integrations Rules and Guidelines

  • An Integration can be shared only after it has been created.

  • An Integration can be shared only if it has a globally unique name.

  • Only the owner of the shared Integration can delete the shared Integration.

To share an Integration:

  1. In the Administration module, select Integrations and navigate to [Project_Name] | Integration and click the Share icon.

  2. You can share the selected Integration:

    • Across all the projects, by selecting the Auto share with all projects field.

    • Only with specific projects, by selecting the name of the Project from the projects list.

  3. Click Save.