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To view the list of integrations already added and available for use, go to either Application | Pipelines | Integrations or Administration | Pipelines | Integrations


The Integrations page displays the list of integrations that have been installed and are available to you to use according to your Jfrog platform user credentials. Integrations that are restricted to use by certain pipeline sources will not be shown unless your user account has been granted permissions for those pipeline sources.Permissions

Each row of the integrations list includes the following:



Integration Name

The friendly name of the integration


The integration type


Shows where the integration can be used:

  • Pipeline: Can be used in pipeline YAML definitions

  • Admin: Can be used while creating dynamic node pools, extension sources or template sources.

Created By

The user that created the integration

Updated By

The user that last edited the integration settings

Updated At

The time and date of the last edit

Click on the Name of the integration to view its settings. If the integration is for dynamic nodes, it will show which node pools use it.