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This view, also called the Pipeline of Pipelines view, provides a combined view of all interconnected pipelines and resources. It enables you to navigate from multi-pipeline page to individual pipeline page and back.

In this view, the status of pipelines in the multi-pipeline map is updated in real-time as runs are triggered for various pipelines. Each pipeline is presented as a single entity, which makes it easy to view this map and understand dependencies between pipelines.


The following information is shown for each pipeline:

  • Pipeline name

  • Run number

  • Last run status

  • Last run date/time

  • Time taken for the run to complete


Graph View Actions

You can perform the following actions on the Graph view page:

  • Show Path: Click any pipeline and then click Show Path. This highlights all the pipelines and resources that are connected to the selected pipeline, and shows the interconnecting path.

  • View Pipeline: Click any pipeline and then click View Pipeline to view the pipeline page for that pipeline.

  • Search: Use the search field to search this page by pipeline name. In the search results, click the name of the relevant pipeline to zoom in on the pipeline, which is now highlighted with a border.