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A GitRepo is used to connect JFrog Pipelines to a source control repository. Adding it creates a webhook to the repo so that future commits will automatically create a new version with the webhook payload.

The first version of the resource, used if it is an input to a step that runs before any webhooks are received, will be for the latest commit in the default branch on the source provider at the time the resource is created. Later resource versions can be restricted by the branches, tags, and buildOn options.


To suppress triggering for an individual commit, include the text skipRun in the commit message.

git push --force or git rebase deletes the commit and causes the pipeline to not run. Refer to the Troubleshooting section, Error: fatal: reference is not a tree to fix the issue.

By default theGitReporesource uses ssh protocol with the created deploy key to fetch the source repository content. However, this only provides Pipelines with read-only access to the source repository. Optionally, users can configure a GitRepo resource to use https protocol. In this case Pipelines will have privileges to the source repository according to the credentials used to set up the Git provider integration.

Additional resources for GitRepo integration include: