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These expressions are used in a validate specification within a property definition block.



isRegEx: ["^[a-z]+$",'i']

string conforms to a regular expression (RegExp) string

notRegEx: ["^[a-z]+$",'i']

any string other than characters represented in a regular expression (RegExp) string

isLowercase: <boolean>

when set to true, checks for lowercase

isUppercase: <boolean>

when set to true, checks for uppercase

notNull: <boolean>

when set to true, won't permit null value

isNull: <boolean>

when set to true, permits only a null value

notEmpty: <boolean>

when set to true, don't permit empty strings

equals: <string>

must match the given string

contains: <string>

must contain the given substring

notIn: ['foo', 'bar']

check the value is not one of these

isIn: ['foo', 'bar']

check the value is one of these

notContains: <string>

must not contain specific substrings

len: [2,10]

only allow values with length between 2 and 10

isAfter: <date string>

only permit date strings after a specific date

isBefore: <date string>

only permit date strings before a specific date

max: <integer>

value must be less than or equal to <integer>

min: <integer>

value must be greater than or equal to <integer>