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Click the row of any run to invoke the Pipeline Run Logs view for that run. In that view, you can browse the log of execution, test results, and other information for steps in the pipeline.

Click the Insights button on the Runs view page to view the Pipelines runs charts, which show the behavior of the runs for the selected number of runs for a specific branch.

The following charts show how the runs performed:

  • Run Performance: Shows the median build time for the runs categorized based on the first and last build.

  • Execution Frequency: Shows the average runs.

  • Runs Status: Shows the run status and the time taken for each run.

  • Step Execution Overview: Uses Gantt charts to provide a visual representation of the execution of steps for a selected run. Use the drop-down to select the run for which you would like to see the chart.

  • Slow Steps: This visual representation shows the top 5 or top 10 slowest steps on an average from the selected number of runs.


    You can access up to the last 200 runs by default. To access the last 1000 runs, you must upgrade to Enterprise+ and install Insights 1.13.4 or higher.