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To add an integration:

  1. Go to Administration | Pipelines | Integrations and click Add an Integration.

  2. In the resulting Add New Integration display, depending on the type of integration you need, click either Pipelines or Admin.

  3. Click the Integration Type field and select one from the dropdown list. For example, a GitHub Integration enables a pipeline to assign source control repositories in GitHub to GitRepo resources.

  4. After the integration type is selected, enter the remaining settings as presented. For information about each integration, see Pipelines Integrations.

  5. For the following integrations, you have the option of testing the integration while creating/editing it. The test validates all the details you have entered, including the URL, user credentials, and the token for sufficient permissions on the repository.

    • Artifactory

    • BitBucket

    • BitBucket Server

    • Distribution

    • GitHub

    • GitHub Enterprise

    • GitLab

    To test an integration, enter all the relevant details and click Test Connection. The details entered for the integration is validated and an appropriate message for success or failure is displayed.

  6. Click Create to create the integration.

The integration you created appears on the Integrations page.


These integrations also appear on the Application | Pipelines | Integrations page.