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The Jenkins job must be prepared to recognize incoming buildParameters from Pipelines. When our Jenkins job executes, our example build parameters are received from Pipelines and available for use.

Jenkins Job

steps {
  echo "environment: ${params.environment}"
  echo "Running tests on image ${params.imageName}:${params.imageTag}"

At the end of your Jenkins build job, call the plugin's function jfPipelines() to signal its completion and return control back to Pipelines.

Jenkins Job


Your build job may optionally pass information back to Pipelines by updating the properties of Pipelines resources. To do so, declare each resource by name with the new property values in you call to jfPipelines().

For example, the following call references a Pipelines PropertyBag resource we have called app_test_results and provides new values for two of its properties:

Jenkins Job

  outputResources: """[
      "name": "app_test_results",
      "content": {
        "passing": 1234,
        "failing": 0

As noted above, these Pipelines resources must be declared as outputResources of the invoking Jenkins step.