Pipelines Extensions Tutorial - Add and Sync Extensions

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Add an Administration Integration

In the Administrationmodule, add an administration integrationfor the version control system account (e.g., GitHub, Bitbucket Server, or other) that holds the source repository for your extensions.


This procedure can only be performed by an administrator user or resource manager user.Administrator Users

To add an administrator integration for Pipelines DSL extensions:

  1. From the Administration module go to Pipelines | Integrations.

  2. From the Integrationsview, click Add an Integration.

  3. In the resulting Add New Integration display, click the Admin radio button and then complete the entries for your VCS account and click Create.

  4. After entering all the relevant details for the integration, click Test Connection to validate all the details you have entered, including the URL, user credentials, and the token for sufficient permissions on the repository.

Add an Extension Source

Once the VCS account has been added to the administration integrations, you can add your source code repository as an extension source.

Your source code repository for your extensions must be structured according to the requirements for the step model and resource model.

For example, our sample repository folder structure is:

jfrog-pipelines-extensions-sample -- steps ------ tutorials –- HealthCheck |

– resources -- tutorials -- test

where tutorials identifies the namespace for each set of steps and resources.

To add an Extension Source:

  1. From the Application module go to Pipelines | Reusables.

  2. Select the Sources tab and click Add Source.

  3. In the resulting Add Extension Source display, select the VCS account integration added above, enter the repository path and branch, then click Create Source.


Pipelines syncs the extension source to load the extensions.


Click the Logscolumn to view the results of the sync.

Confirm Extensions

View the Steps/Resources tab to see the list of successfully loaded Pipelines DSL extensions.