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The TriggerPipeline native step will trigger another step and wait for the resulting run to complete before continuing. This allows you to embed another pipeline inside your own.


  • This step type will utilize a build node to poll for the status of the triggered run until it is complete. Ensure that the capacity of your node pool is sufficient to support both pipelines executing in parallel.

  • For more information about using the TriggerPipeline native step, see Embedded Pipelines.

You can use the set_trigger_payload utility function in the onStart section of this step to set customized parameters for the pipeline that you wish to trigger. The set_trigger_payload property allows modification and isn't restricted to read-only access. In addition, you can add pipelineVariables, which will apply to all steps in the triggered run, as well as stepVariables, which will apply only to the specified step.

Linux only

This step is supported for execution on Linux machines only. PowerShell support is not yet available.

The following topics provide more information on TriggerPipeline Pipeline steps: