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Pipelines Tasks enable developers to simplify and standardize CI/CD pipelines and help them reduce maintenance costs by promoting principles such as reusability, immutability, and versioning.

An ever-growing library of tasks are available out of the box and can be used in your pipeline definition. The same task can be invoked multiple times and can be executed across different steps in a pipeline. The code for each invoked task is stored in an Artifactory repository and downloaded/executed at the runtime of the step. In addition, since tasks are stored in Artifactory, they can be shared by different teams using local, remote, and virtual repositories. In fact, a task can be written in a way that leverages the Platform.

When Pipelines is installed, the following repositories are created by default for Pipelines tasks:

  • pipelines-tasks-local

  • pipelines-tasks-remote

  • pipelines-tasks-virtual


Artifactory Integration will be deprecated soon!

Artifactory Integration will be deprecated as announced in Artifactory version 7.47.10, hence we recommend migrating from Artifactory Integration to JFrog Platform Access Token Integration. Refer to Artifactory Integration.

If any of the tasks require strict use of Artifactory integration, you can use either Artifactory integration or JFrog Platform Access Token integration.

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